Science Artwork of the Month: December 2014

Science Artwork of the Month: December 2014

Following Luke Jerram’s HIV (series 2) and Rob Kesseler’s Sphagnum moss, we are pleased to have yet another wonderful and inspiring artist, Jennifer Wen Ma, as part of our Know Science Artwork of the Month series. Inked Chandelier (pictured above) by Jennifer Wen Ma is currently on view at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Inked Chandelier (2014), a large-scale installation composed of more than 700 live plants (mostly native to Canada’s West Coast), is painted completely black with Chinese ink. Suspended from the oculus of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s rotunda, the plants continue to grow as green buds sprout from the blackness. The site-specific work represents a dialogue between the past and present, in which Ma pays homage to the legacy of ink painting by emphasizing time as an element of the composition. Viewers can observe the live installation transform over the duration of the exhibition.

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