Science Artwork of the Month: July 2015

Continuing our pursuit for connecting worlds and knowledge, Know Science brings you our July Artwork of the Month: Trace II by London-based artist Bálint Bolygó.

Bolygó’s work explores the similarity between the artistic and scientific minds. His work explores how both minds are motivated by the same need to discover and turn ideas into totalities.

Trace II is a sculptural device that alludes to scientific discoveries and pseudoscientific concepts such as phrenology, physiognomy, and craniometry. A revolving plaster cast of the artist’s head is slowly deconstructed into a mathematical diagram that changes as time passes. The peculiarities of the human face that we as humans attach so much importance to is dematerialized into an evolving drawing that embodies the differential undulations of human anatomy. DNA profiling, retina scans, and the fingerprint are conjured up by the meticulous mechanical process of the work. Physical form is turned into a topographical landscape where the illusion of the form is rematerialized.

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