Bulletproof Skin

Bulletproof Skin


We all have probably heard the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”. The idea that when a solution to any given problem becomes imperative, one will find a way. Jalila Essaidi is a Dutch artist and scientist who’s approach focuses on exactly this idea by exploring the intersection of innovation and current events.

“Exploring Boundaries by Piercing Barriers” (aka “Bulletproof Skin”) highlights ideas regarding safety and security in today’s social and political climate of reactionary fear. The project implantes in vitro human skin with transgenic spider silk. The resulting GMO is seemly bulletproof skin.

In practice the experiment does ultimately stop some bullets , but not those flying at full speed. Regardless, the work leaves the viewer to ponder ideas and notions of a world in which an invention like this could be achievable or possibly even necessary.

Jalila Essaidi is the founder and director of Bio Laboratories Foundation. You can read more about her work at jalilaessaidi.com.


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