“Self Reflected”

“Self Reflected”


Greg Dunn is an artist and scientist whose work focuses on the mathematically beauty and artistic wonder of our brains. “Self-Reflected” is one of his more recent and ambition projects.

It was born through a series of intense neuroscience research, brain imaging, artistic interpretation and his signature, highly crafted micro-etching technique. The result is a mesmerizing and hypnotic visualization of the brain. It measures about 8’ x 11’ , is made up of 25 gold-leaf plates and took two years to create.

Depending on the vantage point and colored lighting the neurons and activity of the piece change. It performs an intricate dance showcasing the complex circuitry and pathways in our brains. In the end, “Self Reflected” is one of the most detailed mathematical models of the brain in the world and arguably one of the most intimate self-portraits.

“Self Reflected” is on permanent exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. You can read more about how it was made as well see more of Dr. Dunn’s work on his website. http://www.gregadunn.com


Full piece in white light


Full piece in colored light

Detail of Cerebellum














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