Antibiotic Apocalypse



“Antibiotic Apocalypse” is the brain child of Dr. Carla Brown & Siam Colvin. They brilliantly combine dance, music, filmmaking, lighting & colored dye to tell the story of antibiotic resistance. Dr Brown says it best her article “The Visualization of antibiotic resistance through creative film”:

“Through contemporary dance, the film tells the story of a powerful antibiotic who is forced to battle against a wide range of bacteria.  In the beginning, the antibiotic is both strong and confident and easily defeats commensal and infectious bacteria. However, when the antibiotic is forced to battle against resistant bacteria, he struggles and becomes exhausted. Finally, as the resistance spreads among the bacterial population, he gives into his opponents and is defeated.”

“Antibiotic Apocolypse” won the biology prize from “Dance Your PhD” in 2016.

The visualization of antibiotic resistance through creative film

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