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How It Works.


Know Science is a non-for-profit international education and advocacy organization working to promote knowledge of science and scientific research to a non-specialized audience.
We organize talks, presentations and outreach events at your organization, for free. We bring experienced scientists to present their latest research on cutting-edge topics to your audience.
Our events include but are not limited to:
  • ‘Lunch & Learn’ seminar, with a special emphasis on prevention and healthcare. Key note presentations at professional development courses.
  • Evening soiree with presentation and discussion on selected topics.
  • Art and Science exhibitions and talks.
  • Talks at Museums, public libraries, schools, companies and more.

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Our mission is to increase science literacy through education and outreach. Our organization is unique in that it targets an adult audience, including public and private companies, institutions and universities.
Our presentations are delivered by scientists who are actively conducting research in the specific area of the life sciences they are presenting on. Many public figures that showcase science in the media are not actively engaged in scientific research, sometimes they are not even scientists! We aim to bring all the excitement of our most recent advances and discoveries directly from the bench to you, and bring you through a journey from the micromolecular mechanisms that govern our cells to how these fail in a variety of diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.
Our vision is to promote a collective conscience of science, an understanding of human diseases, their origins and their causes, with a particular emphasis on prevention. Ultimately, our goal is to seek broader participation and interaction with the general public to advance science and personal well-being.
Who is funding us?
Know Science is a not-for-profit organization that is entirely volunteers run, powered by our love and passion for science! We feel that it has to become part of a scientist’s job to share with the community the importance and excitement of scientific research. While our talks are free of charge, we would be extremely appreciative of any donations. Because we are a registered non-for-profit 501(c)(3) exempt organization, all donations made are tax-deductible. To donate and support KnowScience.org, click here. If you need more information, want to make a large donation directly/by check or would like a copy of our IRS status, please email us at info@KnowScience.org, we’d be happy to help. 100% of your donations support our outreach and advocacy activities to bring you engaging presentations and informed blogs, directly from our expert scientists.

Can I choose the topic of the presentation?
Of course! You can choose to learn more about cancer, Alzheimer’s, addiction, and many others.

For a full list of topics, click here.

As we increase our members base, we will be able to provide many additional topics, so watch this space or contact us at info@KnowScience.org to request a specific topic; with a pool of several exceptional scientists, we may just be able to offer the topic you were looking for!
How long is the presentation? What does it entail?
The presentation is usually 30 minutes. It is very interactive and participative with the audience. Plenty of time during and after the presentation is allowed for questions and discussion.The presentation takes the audience onto a journey inside the microcosm of our cells, through how life, DNA, proteins and our body works, all the way to understanding human diseases, their origins, causes and treatments, with a particular emphasis on prevention. Our talks also include current research by the Know Scientist speaker, bringing the excitement for discovery and science from the bench directly to you!

What’s in it for scientists?
At Know Science, we feel that communication of science to the public is an essential engagement for the scientific community. Sharing our work and the wonder for experimental discoveries with the public is not only an important outreach activity, it is intrinsically vital to science itself. For the public to value research efforts and ensure continued support to scientific research, we must bring science to the people! In the last two decades, people other than scientists—journalists, writers, spokespeople of all sorts have picked up the challenge to explain science to the public, often resulting in gross generalization, mystifications, and sometimes even inaccurate information. This has resulted in the general public feeling detached or even intimidated by our endeavors. Know Science wants to pick up the challenge to bring leading researchers to share science with the public in an engaging and accessible way.Read more on our For Scientists page.

Do you want to get involved?

To volunteer with our organization, for collaborative projects, to become a presenter, or any other information, email us at info@KnowScience.org
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