Cancer: Unlocking the Mystery Behind this Serial Killer

A Talk by Dr. Simona Giunta, Ph.D.


Cancer affects one in three people worldwide.

New estimates show that in 50 years, anyone living long enough will get cancer. But do you know what cancer really is? In this talk, you will hear that cancer comes from a single one of your own cells, why that cell goes ‘crazy’, why it is so difficult to find a cure, and how you can live in a way to stack up your odds against this terrible disease. This talk may just change your life.

PIC_MIA2Know Science founder, Dr. Simona Giunta does cutting-edge research on Cancer, and the genetics of Cancer, at Rockefeller University. Simona is a scientist with over 10 years of experience in the field of molecular oncology, currently working to unveil new mechanisms by which cells can become cancerous. A science enthusiast and passionate advocate for science literacy, she serves as the Director of the Science Communication & Media Group at Rockefeller, writer and editor for the University blog, and is the founder of Know Science. During her Ph.D. in Cancer Research at the University of Cambridge, she founded the Women Society of St John’s College, promoting gender equality in academia, and was Science Editor of The Cambridge Student newspaper. Away from science (and talking about science!), she is an avid traveler, bringing her passion for science to 5 continents and counting.

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