Love: It’s All in Your Head

A Talk by Dr. Bianca Jones Marlin, Ph.D.


Falling in love is a profound experience driven by chemical activity.

Babies change everything. Dr. Marlin examines how the brain adapts to care for a newborn, and how a baby’s cry can control adult behavior. Her research focuses on the vital bond between parent and child, and investigates the use of neurochemicals, such as the “love drug” oxytocin, as a treatment to strengthen fragile and broken parent-child relationships.

Bianca Jones Marlin is a neuroscientist and postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University. She holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from New York University School of Medicine, and dual bachelor degrees from St. John’s University in biology and adolescent education. Her research has been featured in Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Scientific American, and Discover Magazine’s “100 Top Stories of 2015”. A native New Yorker, Bianca lives in Manhattan with her medical-scientist husband, Joe, and their cat, Santiago, named after the famed neuroanatomist Santiago Ramon y Cajal.



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