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Our presentations include, but are not limited to:

  • Serial Killer: Unlocking the Mystery of Cancer
  • Brain health: The Origins of Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • The Science of Drug Addiction: Human Behavior Under the Influence.
  • Hidden Inside our Cells: HIV and the Genetics of Viruses
  • The Whole Truth about Vaccines
  • Are You Stressing Your Immune System Out?
  • GMOs: Engineering the Genetics of Our World

Know Science Speakers Kate Bredbenner, Graduate Fellow at the Rockefeller University – Presenting on GMOs © 2014 Scott Rudd

Kate works as a scientist at the Rockefeller University in the Laboratory of Cellular Biophysics where she studies HIV using fluorescence microscopes. She is a scientific communicator and blog editor for Know Science and an avid supporter of science outreach. She is currently involved with a variety of science outreach organizations, including the BioBus, the outreach lab at the Rockefeller University, BraiNY, and Know Science. Her goal is to make a career of talking to the public about science in a fun and informative way.

Dr. Simona Giunta, Cancer Research Scientist at the Rockefeller University – Presenting on Cancer


Simona is a scientist with over 10 years experience in the field of cancer, currently working to unveil new mechanisms by which cells can become cancerous. A science enthusiast and passionate advocate for science literacy, she serves as the Director of the Science Communication & Media Group at Rockefeller, writer and editor for the University blog, and is the founder of Know Science. During her Ph.D. in Cancer Research at the University of Cambridge, she founded the Women Society of St John’s College, promoting gender equality in academia, and was Science Editor of The Cambridge Student newspaper. Away from science (and talking about science!), she is an avid traveler, bringing her passion for science in 5 continents and counting.

Dr. Charlotte Wincott, Scientist at the Rockefeller University – Presenting on Drugs Addiction


Charlotte holds a B.S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in psychology and a Ph.D. from New York University in neuroscience, where she studied the role of glutamate receptors in learning, memory, and reward-related behavior.  She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at The Rockefeller University where she is thrilled to have the opportunity to study heroin addiction.  As an undergraduate at VCU, Charlotte served as President and Event Coordinator of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and was active in her community, spearheading numerous service projects to raise awareness for suicide prevention and domestic abuse.  Charlotte also organized a variety of fundraising drives to benefit The Virginia Holocaust Museum, the homeless, and local food banks.  Charlotte has been an instructor of chemistry, biology, neuroscience, and psychology and currently teaches at Fordham University in addition to conducting her research studies at Rockefeller.  In Charlotte’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her young son Wolfgang and is also a musician, having recorded multiple albums/EPs in her lifetime.

Dr. Chandrabali Ghose-Paul, Scientist at ADARC NYC – Presenting on Vaccines

ChandraChandrabali Ghose is an expert in emerging microbes and infections, having spent more than a decade developing vaccines for cholera, HIV and Clostridium difficile. Currently, she serves as the CSO at Symbiotic Health, a New York based biotech startup that focussed on microbiology and bacteriotherapy. Before that Chandra spent 8 years as a Postdoc and then a Research Scientist in the laboratory of Dr. David D. Ho, at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, an affiliate of Rockefeller University where she worked on the immune system, infections and vaccines development.


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