“‘When the flush of love works its magic a cocaine-like reaction occurs in the brain which really is the chemistry of romance’…. Congratulations for a great event that was both informative and fun.”
Mar Cortes, “Science of Love” event attendee


“Thanks for this great event! Hope for some more and longer [talks].”
Soraya Bouzit


“I loved it! I, like many for sure, find Know Science a wonderful and necessary project.”
Oana Radulescu, Information Designer


“We were all fully involved, knowing that if we were ever in doubt, we could ask questions, that we were participating in an active, engaged way.”
Valentina Scambia, Artist


“[Being a radiologist], I expected to be bored and yawning in a talk for lay people about cancer. Much to my surprise, [it was] a fantastic overview of the latest science on the topic and I was riveted during the entire lecture. The words and complex content flowed out with such simple clarity, the intertwining of basic science, clinical oncology, and even public health was masterful. I left the talk with a renewed and refreshed personal vision of the possibilities for the future. […] thank you for bringing science to all of us!”
John Rescigno, M.D.
(After attending our lectures, John has now become an advisory member of Know Science.)


“The talk was great, good narrative and structure, with a great final point of– look, just control what you can control.”
Jake Simms, Product Management Consultant
(After attending the Know Science presentation, Jake was inspired to write a blog about the talk.)


 High School Science Teachers
Science Teachers Professional Development Day 2014, ANHM, NYC: 

“The talk allowed to us to see a different perspective through the eyes of someone in research.”


“Presentation was fantastic, she spoke with tremendous excitement and knowledge. Autism and vaccinations, cancer, genetics and epigenetics, awesome information!”


“The scientific presentation of Dr. Giunta about Cancer was scientifically inspiring. Students should be motivated to based their decisions in life on valid scientific research.”


“Learning how to teach about the ‘real’ cause of cancer using common language and analogies to the real world was extremely helpful. For example- Describing proteins in the cells as people who all have jobs to do. If the person doesn’t do their job what happens?”


“The cancer talk was so amazing and inspired me to seek influential speakers/scientist to come into my classroom and speak with the students.”


“From our presenter today, she made a point that science education should adhere to the following mantra of ‘not simply convincing students, instead, empowering them with the information so that they can see for themselves.’ As a science teacher, I think it is important to remember those instructors in our lives that abided by that, which ultimately caused many of us to have that original excitement for science.”


“The talk provided some very interesting and useful information about the fallacies surrounding vaccinations. It is information that was useful to me personally and that I believe would be of use to others.”


“Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful day. I must say Dr. Giunta and Zack did such an informational and engaging piece into the day that is a definite take back to my classroom.”


“This event was a wonderful success, thank you so much for this.”

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