The Science of Epigenetics: a 21st Century Revolution?

A Talk by Andrew Abrams, M.Sci., M.B.A.


The 20th Century witnessed the discovery of DNA, launching a biological revolution of epic proportions. With that discovery came the profound insight that all of the richness of life as we know it shares the same basic language for specifying how an organism is built, and for transmitting those instructions to the next generation. However, far from being a deterministic blueprint, there is considerable flexibility in the way those instructions are expressed and interpreted in the context of living things. Epigenetics is the science of how the DNA script is annotated and modified in living things, providing a crucial interface between the environment and our genetic code. 

Andrew holds B.A., M.A. and M.Sci. degrees in Natural Sciences and Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, and participated in Cambridge’s year-long exchange program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this time, he conducted research into DNA repair in organisms that thrive in the incredibly harsh conditions of volcanic springs. He has since blended his scientific interests with more commercial ones, having worked as an Associate in J.P. Morgan’s healthcare investment banking practice in London, advising organizations spanning the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and other healthcare sub-sectors. He also holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and is currently working at New Science Ventures, a venture capital fund that invests in life sciences and information technology companies. Outside of scientific and professional interests, Andrew’s loves to travel, having visited 60 countries to date and counting!

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