Know Science offers two SciCom workshops:

– Science Communication & Public Engagement Workshop (PDF)

– Media Training for Scientists Workshop

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Format: The class includes interactive activities and practical exercises. 
At Know Science, we believe science communication is part of our social responsibility as scientists. However, communicating science to a lay audience is often a daunting and difficult task, which requires training and practice. Through its interactive workshops, Know Science teaches scientists the appropriate skills to engage with the public in an effective and productive way. Untrained scientists that are unable to make scientific information accessible and give vague statements prone to misinterpretation can damage the fragile relationship between scientists and the people, risking to perpetuate stereotypes and reinforce scientific myths. Know Science works to provide not only communication training to scientists but also gives them a platform through which they are able to practice science communication at alternative venues who partner with Know Science. All Know Science speakers are officially approved and trained making our free talks professional and informative for the non scientific community. The Know Science workshops have already featured at Columbia and Rockefeller University. 
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